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    The Washington Post now offers 20 weeks of paid parental leave; here’s what other U.S. news orgs provide
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    Articles tagged Rupert Murdoch (85)

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    Is there really no sustainable form for digital news other than B2B vertical media?
    Even without the L.A. Times, it still controls a lot of important newspapers. Will it sell them to Gannett, Murdoch, local individuals in each city — or to yet another private equity firm looking to strip papers for parts?
    First Sinclair and now the Kochs are back. In an age of media free-for-all and massive deregulation, will fact-based journalism become an endangered species?
    Is Tronc’s acquisition of the New York tab a linchpin to a national strategy, or just another declining property to add to its portfolio?
    Seven questions in what’s already been a very strange year.
    Fake news percentages, numbers of working journalists, declining print ad revenue: 2016 in numbers.
    Are we entering a new age of digital robber barons?
    As Fox’s Dr. Frankenstein exits right, the Murdochs are left to reboot their wounded cable news leader.
    “We’re pursuing the idea of editions everywhere. An edition is something that can be finished. When you’ve read it, you feel up-to-date; you’ve been told what you need to know for the day or the week.”
    The quest for one of the world’s top news brands ended with an unexpected winner today. Here’s why.


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