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    Open or closed: Who will control the paid-podcast experience, podcasters or tech companies?
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    Stories on Mobile & Apps

    “If the publisher ecosystem is healthy, then SmartNews is healthy. That’s going to be an important thrust going forward.”
    “We were glad to see hundreds of people install the app and also give it permission to access their location and motion.”
    From an innovative startup to a Sean Hannity segment supplier to a generic millennial news site, Circa seems to have finally run out of lives.
    A look at how outlets like 263Chat, Kukurigo, Center for Innovation and Technology, and Magamba Network are distributing news via the app. WhatsApp connections comprise almost half of all internet usage in Zimbabwe.
    Plus: The latest podcast-listening statistics, podcaster burnout, and messes and misconduct.
    “Nuzzel as a test kitchen.”
    “We’re trying to create an engaging experience that feels more narratively driven, not just like someone reading some headlines for a few minutes.”

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