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Whosfan Versi 2.0.0. Hanteo Chart, Album Authentication, Voting, Events, K-POP News

Whosfan Versi 2.0.0
Whosfan Versi 2.0.0
Basic Info
Last UpdatedAugust 17, 2021
Version Name2.0.0
Min SDK4.4 and up
Total Install10,000+
Rating1.6 from 166 Total Votes
â–¶What is the global K-pop fandom platform "Whosfan"?
Whosfan reflects the 'activities' of the K-POP fans into the artists' 'value' based on 'Hanteo Chart.'
Whosfan's goal is to collect the voices of the global fans in the changing fandom world and to create the culture where both the artists and the fans are satisfied.
[ "Hanteo Chart," the standard of the fandom's power ]
– Check the Initial Chodong (first week of release) sales in real-time!
– Easily check Hanteo Chart's Real-time/Daily/Weekly sales chart!
[ "Album Authentication," a shortcut to become a true fan ]
– Earn points and count towards chart when authenticating with the HATS card that comes with the K-POP album purchase
– Help protect the copyrights of your favorite artist!
[ "VOTE & EVENT" for both the artists and the fans ]
– Stability and security guaranteed with the Blockchain voting technology!
– A number of events that both the artists and the fans can be satisfied are also available! Participate now!
[ "Hanteo News," the fastest way to meet K-POP news ]
– You can find the chart news of K-POP idols faster than anywhere else.
– Read news articles on Whosfan and raise the Star Chart rankings of the artist!
[ "Star Chart," where fans activities count ]
– The fans can earn credit through a number of ways and contribute to the Star Chart.
– Actively communicate and participate to raise your favorite artist to the '1st place!'
[ "Star Channel" provided by Whosfan ]
– Whosfan offers a total of 107 channels including the those of BTS, EXO, SEVENTEEN, BLACKPINK, TWICE, IZ*ONE, GOT7, Super Junior, Kang Daniel, Taeyeon, MONSTA X, ATEEZ, iKON, TXT, WINNER, Red Velvet, NCT, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, NCT U, BTOB, Stray Kids, VICTON, ASTRO, PENTAGON, ITZY, SF9, GFRIEND, Oh My Girl, THE BOYZ, EVERGLOW, Dreamcatcher, TOO, CRAVITY, and more. Communicate with the global fans and check all the Star's contents on the Star Channel.
[Information on Purchase]
You can purchase Whosfan Gold Coin on the app.
Price: The pricing can differ by the product, and you can check it from the purchase page (Store).
[Information on access rights required to use Whosfan]
– Device ID (Required) : It is used for device differentiation and identification, checking login information, account and profile data checking for push notification.
– In-app Purchase (Optional): It is used for product purchase on the Whosfan app.
– Camera (Optional): It is used when authenticating albums, changing the profile picture or adding an image on the board or comments.
– Storage space (Optional): It is used for using the file stored in the device or saving the photo.
– Location (Optional): It is used when authenticating the album.
Whosfan only require the access rights that are absolutely necessary for using the app's service, In the case of optional access rights, Whosfan asks for consent, and the it can still be used without granting the optional access rights.
If the Android version is below 6.0, we cannot individually control the access rights of the app. In order to remove the unncessary access rights, the device needs to be upgraded to Android version 6.0 or higher.
Also, even when the OS is upgraded, the access rights already allowed do not change. Therefore, in order to re-configure the access rights, you would need to delete the currently installed app and re-install.

App Preview

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How to install Whosfan APK and use it on your PC / Laptop ?, here's the step you have to follow:

1. Download The APK File

According to Wikipedia, APK or Android Application Package is a file format used by The Android Operating System. Not tjust on Android Operating System, the APK File also used by a number of other Android-based Operating System for Distribution and installation of Mobile Apps.

Before you can install the APK on your PC make sure to Download the APK File Here first. Save it on your drive and continue to the next step

2. Download and Install Android Emulator App

To run your APK file on your PC or Laptop you need a Android Emulator Software. there are many Good Emulator Software, you can choose one of the emulator that we recommended such as:

  • BlueStacks Emulator
  • Android Studio Emulator
  • Remix OS Player Emulator
  • Nox Player Emulator
  • MEmu Emulator
  • Ko Player
  • Genymotion Emulator
  • ARChon Emulator
  • Bliss Emulator
  • AMIDuOS Emulator
  • AndY Emulator
  • Droid4X Emulator
  • PrimeOS Emulator
  • Phoenix OS Emulator
After you download the Emulator, don't forget to install it. You can follow installation manual by selecting link above.

3. Drag the APK File Into The Running Emulator

After the emulator installed successfully, run the emulator. On the emulator main screen drag and drop APK file that you download before, wait for a while until the APK icon appear on your screen.

4. Run your App / Games

After the icon appear, click it and your application / games will running and you can play it.

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