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    Can a science escape room livestreamed on Twitch help bring viewers to public media?
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    Articles by Laura Hazard Owen

    Laura Hazard Owen is deputy editor of the Lab. She was previously the managing editor of Gigaom, where she also wrote about digital book publishing. She first became interested in paywalls and other Labby issues as a staff writer at paidContent.
    The company has changed its global search algorithm to “highlight articles that we identify as significant original reporting,” and to keep such articles in top positions for longer.
    Facebook’s News Tab is supposed to launch this fall; the company will pay some news publishers to syndicate their headlines and article previews.
    You’ll get five free stories a month; after that, you’ll be asked to pay up.
    “No news app (with the exception of Reddit) was within the top 25 apps used by respondents.”
    “The feeling on line was electric; ppl of all races shared their stories of trying to find this magazine.”
    “We can give more power to the user to tell the publisher what they really want.”
    Plus, a new free course for online fact-checking taught via workspace app Notion.
    “The potential to prevent harm is high here, particularly with the widespread existence of health misinformation on the platform.”
    “The publishers that reported more than 6 percent of unique visitors reaching their stop threshold had ‘thriving’ digital subscription businesses.”