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The last 20 posts from the AndroidForMobile Journalism Lab, for those who enjoy reverse chronological order.
Nicholas Quah    July 16, 2019
“There remains a lot we don’t know, and I have strong feeling we’re witnessing a little shard of a much larger, complicated soul-searching process.”
Nicholas Quah    July 16, 2019
Plus: Tim Ferriss brings back ads, two American companies go British, and the mystery of the one-star iTunes review.
Joshua Benton    July 15, 2019
When one news publisher has a story about something bad — a disaster, a death, or just general terribleness — other publishers move more quickly to match it than they do with good news.
Laura Hazard Owen    July 15, 2019
Hint: Don’t just throw discounts at them.
Christine Schmidt    July 15, 2019
“I really believe in the power of people to organize and advocate from the bottom up to create some solutions to this. I don’t think these solutions are going to come out of commercial media.”
Laura Hazard Owen    July 12, 2019
Plus: All the media literacy resources, and giving parents information about the flu vaccine.
Alana Schetzer    July 11, 2019
Lumping together disinformation campaigns with news the government says isn’t in the “public interest” is a recipe for abuse.
Christine Schmidt    July 11, 2019
Sixteen percent of Americans pay for news, a report earlier this year found. It’s not exactly trickling down to local outlets.
Christine Schmidt    July 10, 2019
“We’re Switzerland…We’re not anybody’s competitor. We’re in a good place to do good and raise money statewide and use that money for improving journalism.”
Laura Hazard Owen    July 10, 2019
“Censorship is a way of life in China right now. Everybody knows that whatever they say and share is controlled by the government. But our traffic has been rising, especially this summer, with all of the big news out of the trade war and the Hong Kong protests, as well as some of the sensitive anniversaries of this year.”
Uli Köppen    July 9, 2019
For news outlets to successfully innovate, interdisciplinary teams are essential. Here’s how to make them work.
Nicholas Quah    July 9, 2019
Plus: The role of star power in launching shows, the news peg that arrives after the show is done, and Netflix adds a podcast audio track.
Christine Schmidt    July 8, 2019
“This didn’t take a ton of capital. It just took a lot of willingness on the part of a lot of different folks to collectively figure out what we should do, where are the gaps, and how we can fill them.”
Christine Schmidt    July 8, 2019
“The source of power is the people in the community volunteering to foster these sorts of conversations and have them be accessed by trusted local media partners.”