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Editor’s Note: Encyclo has not been regularly updated since August 2014, so information posted here is likely to be out of date and may be no longer accurate. It’s best used as a snapshot of the media landscape at that point in time.

is a microblogging platform created in 2007 by David Karp and Marco Arment and owned by Yahoo.

Tumblr is often referred to as a “microblogging” service because its features are designed for simplicity. Though the blogs offer users background themes and other design options, Tumblr is not as customizable as platforms like WordPress or Blogger. Tumblr allows users to post text, images, video, quotes, links or audio through a basic content management system. Tumblr also incorporates elements of social media, as users can follow each other or “reblog” items posted by others. Its distinct style has been in the form of blogging. It has also been an , similar to Twitter.

In June 2013, Yahoo  for , pledging that it would , though noting that it planned to to Tumblr blogs.

As of September 2013 Tumblr had . Before its purchase by Yahoo, the site in venture-capital funds.

Tumblr and the media

Media organizations began establishing a presence on Tumblr in 2010. Much like Twitter and Facebook, news outlets began using Tumblr as an alternate channel for content and as a new means of connecting with readers. Newsweek was among the early adopters, using Tumblr as a place to promote stories in the magazine as well as links and images. By May 2011, were active on Tumblr.

was also noteworthy for its voice, which was looser and more humorous in tone than the magazine. Mark Coatney, the Newsweek.com editor behind the effort, as a “media evangelist” for the company.

Beginning in late 2010 Tumblr introduced features aimed at helping users discover more blogs that also had the consequence of aiding in the curation of news. Tumblr’s allow a select group of editors to tag posts in areas such as news and fashion, as well as event-specific tags related to news like the 2011 revolution in Egypt.

Tumblr has ventured into producing its own original media content, to the 2012 U.S. political conventions to post content to a Tumblr election site. It created a four-person editorial team called Storyboard in 2012 but .

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Primary author: Justin Ellis. Main text last updated: April 24, 2014.
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