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    Does your Google News change based on whether you’re conservative or liberal?
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    “It’s like a version of C-SPAN for a younger audience.”
    In both the U.S. and China, more people say they’ll watch matches via live video online than via terrestrial, cable, or satellite television.
    Babies and puppies continue to rule the day, and only 2% of the most engaged Facebook videos were posted by traditional publishers.
    Facebook and Netflix are reportedly pushing into hard news video.
    “We know a great deal about how to make linear television and we’ve been doing it a very long time, but there is a generation of people who currently don’t have cable subscriptions, and who won’t have cable subscriptions, that are beginning to form different habits around how they consume news.”
    Worry is universal — but a quarter of publishers surveyed said their revenues are going up, not down.
    “[The] very difficult task is to figure out how we get people to think of us as a video destination, and that destination does not have to be Washingtonpost.com.”

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