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    Journalist’s Resource sifts through the academic journals so you don’t have to. Here are what they consider 10 of the most important pieces of new research into digital and social media published in 2017.
    From “meltdown” to “roll-up” to (of course) “fake.”
    “Every incredibly regrettable thing that I have said on social media, I have said within the first five minutes of something showing up. I would feel a lot better about my history as a social media user if I had had a five-minute delay.”
    “The hope is that, if news organizations are more clear and transparent about what they’re doing, then users can make their own decisions.”
    “How can we have these conversations together, instead of just being in our camps throwing insults at each other that no one is doing enough?”
    “Your actions need to catch up to your responsibilities.”
    Hear it, stream it, or just stay on Twitter all day, like usual.
    Among many weeks of bad press for the big tech companies, this week stands out.


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