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    “I think there’s a very viable long-term financial model for commercial media. But I don’t necessarily think that applies directly to journalism.”
    Plus: HBO buys in, ESPN brags condescendingly, big networks scale back, and Call Your Girlfriend plots its future. Also, gifs.
    “The connection between cars and public media is so strong. What happens when that connection is shaken a little bit?”
    “The potential for nonprofits to offer a radical alternative to commercial media is being lost.”
    “It wasn’t only about launching the new teams itself…The way we are launching new services impacts in a very big editorial way how we’re running existing ones.”
    The sale of station-owned airwaves to shore up cellular networks offers a rare opportunity to invest in local news and public information needs.
    Up First, available starting Wednesday, will be a 10-minute weekday morning news podcast built off the top news from NPR’s most-listened-to radio show.
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