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    Bad news from Mashable, BuzzFeed, and Vice shows times are rough for ad-supported digital media
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    The investigative unit, now at eight people, is dedicated to covering the inner workings of our most powerful institutions.
    “Just like all of our story partnerships are each their own delicate flower, we do things opportunistically when it makes sense. This thing very much makes sense.”
    “We need to think of our social media posts as tiny little stories that can be self-contained.”
    “I think the keys to making this kind of small operation work are collegiality, responsiveness, and flexibility.”
    The Craigslist founder has given to Wikipedia and Poynter, with more to come: “I do think a trustworthy press is mission critical for any democracy.”
    One quick download and a codename: If I can use SecureDrop, you can do it too.
    “The problem with the current model for investigative reporting is that it depends on mainstream media for distribution. What that really means is that we’re putting ourselves on a burning platform.”
    “We’re not alone in trying to compile the numbers, and we’re not alone in trying to track all reports.”