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    With its Facebook Watch news show, Alabama’s Reckon wants to make a national audience care about local news
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    This crowdfunding startup wants to be the bridge between declining advertising revenues and paywalls with low conversion rates.
    “Nobody goes into journalism because they want to cater to advertisers and deliver them as many eyeballs as possible.”
    With its business model squarely built around reader revenue, getting users logged in is a critical step toward payment. So the Times is making a “shift from platform to reader.”
    Journalists and publishers need to breathe new life into the social contract with readers: The audience holds the media accountable, the media holds the powerful accountable.
    Readers have finally understood that their payments for the news will actually make a difference in what they and their community know. That model needs to be extended down to states and cities.
    “As a businessman, I try to run this like a Main Street shop. If you’re a subscriber and you have some issue, I need to respond to those issues promptly, as if it was your neighborhood hardware store. That’s part of my job.”
    Despite a bad fall shadowed by news about ad revenue declines and layoffs, the Journal has ridden what seems to be a post-election wave of interest in paid media. It’s counting on changes in paywall strategy to bring in even more digital subscribers.
    The branded content business, meanwhile, isn’t growing as strongly as projected.
    The Oklahoma-based investigative site had about 750 subscribers paying $30 a month.
    “The individuals who pay us every year are the readers who are going to count most in our world.”
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