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    Local news fails — in a good way
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    “Today, after a deep reflection on the future of the company, we announce that La Presse will now fly on its own.”
    “When you diamond-mine, you basically mess up the resource if you go for the best stuff first.”
    Voices of Monterey Bay is amplifying less-heard voices (prisoners, the children of farm workers), building a community base of support, and publishing in both English and Spanish.
    O modelo sem fins lucrativos tem benefícios óbvios –como a habilidade de publicar reportagens importantes que as forças de mercado são apoiariam de outra maneira. Mas também levanta novas questões e pressões.
    “I’ve never been an editor. I’ve never been a development person for a newsroom. I’m a stubborn Marine grunt with a dream.”
    “We need to address the sustainability question — like now — and we can’t wait any longer to do it.”
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