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    “The media is in crisis”: Jonah Peretti lays out his vision for a more diversified BuzzFeed
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    O modelo sem fins lucrativos tem benefícios óbvios –como a habilidade de publicar reportagens importantes que as forças de mercado são apoiariam de outra maneira. Mas também levanta novas questões e pressões.
    “I’ve never been an editor. I’ve never been a development person for a newsroom. I’m a stubborn Marine grunt with a dream.”
    “We need to address the sustainability question — like now — and we can’t wait any longer to do it.”
    “Proportionally, we hope to do just as well.”
    “What must be recognized is that the news media provide a public good, just as universities and other contributors to the knowledge economy of the 21st century do. For that reason they deserve special treatment by the government.”
    “I think there was definitely a difference in the sense of direction,” said Brant Houston, chair of INN’s board of directors.

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