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    Media change deniers: Why debates around news need a better evidence base — and how we can get one
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    Plus: Vox’s upcoming daily news podcast has a host; the convergence of audio media; what it means to be a ” “full-service creative podcast agency.”
    “How can we have these conversations together, instead of just being in our camps throwing insults at each other that no one is doing enough?”
    “We need to address the sustainability question — like now — and we can’t wait any longer to do it.”
    Heather Bryant desenvolve desde 2015 o Project Facet.
    “Embora a colaboração seja historicamente um desafio para as pessoas/a cultura, a dor causada por ferramentas não é insignificante.”
    “Part of the reason we took this case on is that we have seen reports from across the country of public officials blocking their constituents on Twitter or Facebook.”
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