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    If you hate the media, you’re more likely to be fooled by a fake headline
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    There seems to be some momentum among those with deep pockets to address the local news crisis. But if that money appears, where should it be directed?
    The American Journalism Project, led by two top nonprofit news veterans, aims to propel $1 billion in annual investments to mission-driven local news outlets.
    “It’s not just an initiative — it’s an opportunity for others to join to address these challenges for local news, around the country and in Philadelphia.”
    Sometimes what you need is a good taxonomy.
    Three-quarters of Americans surveyed say social networks should show the same set of news topics to all users, ignoring their stated interests or browsing history. (Someone should tell them about newspapers!)
    Not that they can remember the source five minutes later, anyway.
    Warren Buffett may not have sold his newspapers, but he sure looks to be throwing in the towel.
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