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    Attempting a meta-network for local news, Facebook announces community-building grantees
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    “Effectively, what we are doing is inverting completely how people normally think about communities and journalists — the community is not here to merely help the journalists. Rather the journalists will be here to work for the community.”
    “‘Leadership structure’ isn’t a very Wiki phrase.”
    “It is a product for people of good will — which I know sounds ridiculously naive, but so far it’s working quite well.”
    “Political news, I think, is of the most interest right now, and so I think that that’s where we’ll focus at first.”
    The crowd-funded news platform aims to combat fake news by combining professional journalism with volunteer fact checking: “news by the people and for the people.”
    “Failed Wikipedias” suggest successful ways to encourage contribution and collaboration.
    Protesting a proposed media-muzzling law, Italian Wikipedia goes dark. Megan Garber
    May 19, 2010
    April 22, 2010