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    Spotify says it’s getting serious about podcasts (yes, again) and there are lots of questions
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    “In short, we came to think that the collaboration itself was something that needed editing.”
    “It’s going to be a while before we really have an understanding of how we work to combat it beyond the traditional methods that we have used for a few years now.”
    “Attitudes about newsroom collaboration are improving but it can feel like an uphill push sometimes.”
    It’s how many communities fund libraries, build airports, or pay for hospitals. Could it also pay for local news?
    Heather Bryant desenvolve desde 2015 o Project Facet.
    “Most places are using email, maybe there’s a calendar they share, they’re trying to make Trello boards, they’re trying to get everybody into Slack…the pain caused by tools is not insignificant.”
    “Embora a colaboração seja historicamente um desafio para as pessoas/a cultura, a dor causada por ferramentas não é insignificante.”

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