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    If Facebook stops putting news in front of readers, will readers bother to go looking for it?
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    From “meltdown” to “roll-up” to (of course) “fake.”
    Is Tronc’s acquisition of the New York tab a linchpin to a national strategy, or just another declining property to add to its portfolio?
    “We have to remember that not only we as content creators are new to VR, but so is our audience. For a lot of people, it’s still very experiential.”
    Will his attempt to sideline investor Patrick Soon-Shiong lead to consolidated control, or will legal action push back? And did we ever figure out what a Tronc is, anyway?
    Fake news percentages, numbers of working journalists, declining print ad revenue: 2016 in numbers.
    Who, exactly, are the better plausible options to consolidate the newspaper industry? The real problem remains the business model, not the ownership.
    Like Billy Penn in Philadelphia, the Pittsburgh site will focus on attracting a younger audience through events and aggregation in addition to original reporting.
    Gannett owns two college newspapers in Florida — it’s closed one and cutting costs at the other.

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