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    Articles tagged fake news (202)

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    “I don’t know where they found my phone number.”
    “Why give them the ammo?”
    Plus: A woman-oriented fact-checking initiative, and possible problems with California’s media literacy bill.
    About 13 percent of Americans don’t trust any news outlet at all. (They went 2-to-1 for Trump in 2016.)
    Plus: A U.K. report calls for governments to tread cautiously when it comes to fake news, as some other governments seem prepared to do the opposite.
    “The persistence of so many easily identified abusive accounts is difficult to square with any effective crackdown.”
    Plus: Twitter, Facebook, and Google sign on to the European Commission’s Code of Practice on Disinformation, and BBC Africa’s investigation into four murders.
    Plus: How YouTubers spread far-right beliefs (don’t just blame algorithms), and another cry for less both-sides journalism.
    “French success resulted from a combination of structural factors, luck, as well as the effective anticipation and reaction of the Macron campaign staff, the government, and civil society, especially the mainstream media.”
    “Journalists can be direct victims of disinformation campaigns, but they are also pushing back.”