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    Facebook’s attempts to fight fake news seem to be working. (Twitter’s? Not so much.)
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    Plus: How YouTubers spread far-right beliefs (don’t just blame algorithms), and another cry for less both-sides journalism.
    “French success resulted from a combination of structural factors, luck, as well as the effective anticipation and reaction of the Macron campaign staff, the government, and civil society, especially the mainstream media.”
    “Journalists can be direct victims of disinformation campaigns, but they are also pushing back.”
    Should one partisan news outlet be able to wield power over another, using Facebook as the cudgel?
    Plus: Who tweets anti-vaccine content, and watch out for “misinfodemics.”
    Sometimes what you need is a good taxonomy.
    “Instead of reducing political polarization, our intervention increased it.”
    Plus: Does all our yammering about fake news make people think real news is fake?
    Users forward dubious messages to a chatbot; volunteer editors evaluate their credibility; the bot answers back to the user (and anyone wondering in the future).
    Plus: “Most of the people reviewing Burmese content spoke English.”


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