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    Why are digital newsrooms unionizing now? “This generation is tired of hearing that this industry requires martyrdom”
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    Articles tagged fake news (213)

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    Plus: Pro-China accounts on Reddit, and same-day election misinformation.
    Plus: YouTube adds fact-checks (in India), and Facebook moves to combat anti-vaxxing after receiving loads of public pressure.
    Other participants: Fire stations, and police departments, and schools.
    Plus: Big advertisers ban YouTube (not over vaccines), the National Cancer Institute wonders how to respond to health misinformation, and how to fill a data void.
    “You have nothing to be ashamed of for your parents not vaccinating you. It wasn’t something you researched and decided against, you were just doing the whole ‘being a kid’ thing.”
    If you thrive on emotion, read this.
    Plus: 2018’s most popular health articles were plagued by misinformation, and one of Facebook’s fact-checking partners shares details on how much it’s paid.
    Plus: Real-life consequences after you get harassed online, watching your boyfriend become radicalized, and what is Fox News, exactly?
    During an outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, “as rumors surface, communications experts rebut them with accurate information via WhatsApp or local radio.”
    So if you think you have a “solution” for misinformation, it had better not be something that only targets digital natives.


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