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    Does your Google News change based on whether you’re conservative or liberal?
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    Local news consortiums, labs, associations, and more.
    A limited group of academics will be given access to some Facebook data.
    “The hope is that, if news organizations are more clear and transparent about what they’re doing, then users can make their own decisions.”
    Things are almost as bad when it comes to the hiring of people of color: The share of POC working in American newsrooms is up 2.9 percent since 2001.
    After helping five pilot news organizations together raise more than $1 million in six months, the News Revenue Hub has spun off into its own standalone organization.
    “We’d be happy to see a healthy portion of our budget paid for by the membership program.”
    Working together doesn’t always come easy to news organizations. Here are the hurdles — and how best to get around them.
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