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    Will Vox’s new section on effective altruism…well, do any good?
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    Users forward dubious messages to a chatbot; volunteer editors evaluate their credibility; the bot answers back to the user (and anyone wondering in the future).
    “One of our goals has been to talk about the news in a way that invites our audience into the news cycle. We’re trying to make it a little bit easier for people to be engaged.”
    A neighborhood watch Facebook group, reader chatbot, and a state-focused project: “We all serve the greater Coloradoan community and we each have parts to play in that.”
    “If audio isn’t easily made viral, maybe it can be something else as strong.”
    “Problems news organizations will run into, we’ve run into before, we can help them with that, and we can hopefully help them get the same retention and engagement we did.”
    What happens when you bring real-time, on-demand analytics to Slack?

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