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    I want bad news and I want it fast: That’s the business model for Factal, a business-focused company from the founders of Breaking News
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    The AndroidForMobile Lab staffers failed. So did Manoush Zomorodi, a cofounder of one of the new Civil-backed newsrooms that’s leaning on the promises of the company’s forthcoming cryptocurrency sale in August.
    Plus: Civil + podcasts, Anchor’s troublesome TOS, and IAB’s standards.
    But beyond the crypto talk, how to actually pay for journalism very much remains an unsolved problem.
    “We wanted to focus on neighborhoods and we wanted to have a membership model. We didn’t get to do it our way at DNA, at least on the business side. So we said, ‘Let’s just do it our way now.'”
    With its BizLab project, the radio station has launched experiments in product management, station analytics, and blockchained music — all tying together today in a email-based podcast about exercise.
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