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    After crowdfunding success, Swiss magazine Republik charts a course to “reclaim journalism as a profession”
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    “Attitudes about newsroom collaboration are improving but it can feel like an uphill push sometimes.”
    “You know what? There doesn’t need to be data. We all know this to be true.”
    Revue pitches an easy-to-use authoring interface with many small but useful additional features, all developed together with or as requests from its users.
    Only 20 percent of the FT’s subscribers were women. Now the paper is doing a lot of things to change that.
    “We want to find people who recognize the potential of the audience, and are looking to capitalize on this potential and pull together a learning group to try some things and see what emerges.”
    “Let’s put the nail in the coffin of chasing clicks and likes.”
    User: “Lol is this the real WaPo account?” The Washington Post: “’tis we, irl.”
    “Nós não sabemos onde isso pode nos levar. O objetivo é encontrar o potencial que existe tanto em alcançar nossos leitores como em possivelmente conseguir algumas histórias deles”.
    “No sabemos adónde nos llevará. El objetivo es descubrir su potencial para llegar a los lectores y, también, encontrar algunas ideas”.
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