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    Attempting a meta-network for local news, Facebook announces community-building grantees
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    July 16, 2019
    “There’s no other source to be able to chronicle what this community has achieved since the civil rights movement, starting with that historic movement and the accomplishments all the way through to President Obama. Nobody did this in the 1940s, nobody did this in the civil rights movement other than the Johnson Publishing Company.” LO
    USA Today / Ndea Yancey-Bragg / Jul 16
    It’s using GrapheneCMS, which Soon-Shiong’s NantWorks built: “As our newsroom and others around the country adopt and develop this technology, its most important contribution will be the power to unlock the potential of digital newsrooms…. In the coming months, we plan to offer our subscribers a premium reading experience with fewer ads.”
    Los Angeles Times / Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong and Norman Pearlstine / Jul 16
    “The show, which will premiere in April when Quibi’s app launches, will feature some of the tropes of traditional TV news, such as a host, correspondents and segments, Mr. Oppenheim said. But production details for the show are still scant, because NBC News and Quibi are still deciding what news programming should look like on the app.”
    Wall Street Journal / Benjamin Mullin / Jul 16
    “The previous set of tech principles for the FT.com team were written in 2014 when we began building the new website and they prescribed a bold change of direction for the product and technology department. The old website was a hotchpotch of different technologies owned by different teams and changes often took several months of effort to reach our users.”
    Financial Times / Matt Hinchliffe / Jul 16
    July 15, 2019
    “It’s the latest in a succession of cracks in what is widely considered to be a failing system for sharing academic research. As the head of the research library at UC Davis, I see this development as a harbinger of a tectonic shift in how universities and their faculty share research, build reputations and preserve knowledge in the digital age.”
    The Conversation / MacKenzie Smith / Jul 15
    “Bloomberg’s investment now aggregates Dow Jones’ world-class news coverage and analysis on the Bloomberg Terminal alongside Bloomberg’s own award-winning editorial content and stories from thousands of other top news sources.”
    Bloomberg / Jul 15
    “Your headline is not factual and there are multiple inaccuracies in this reporting.”
    WGNO / Jul 15
    “The great irony that legislators miss when threatening to amend or remove Section 230 is that it is in place precisely to encourage websites to reduce harmful content. The protections of Section 230 give platforms the space to experiment with different ways of moderating content without fear of liability if they do not get it exactly right.”
    Slate / Nina Iacono Brown / Jul 15
    “With almost no marketing, we have signed hundreds of people up, at $3.99 a month, to receive one or two text messages a day from some of our best beat reporters. The texts are not so much news as they are insights. These reporters bring you the news already, on our website and other platforms, so their messages offer what the reporters are thinking, in a warm and friendly tone like messages you get from friends.”
    Cleveland.com / Chris Quinn / Jul 15
    “There was a conscious intent to get people to move to Chicago. And it made sense to use Pullman porters, because they had pretty much free access, although they had to hide the papers somewhere on the train after they picked them up in Chicago until they got to their destinations in Mississippi and along the way.”
    The New Yorker / Isaac Chotiner / Jul 15