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    Spotify says it’s getting serious about podcasts (yes, again) and there are lots of questions
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    We keep an eye out for the most interesting stories about Labby subjects: digital media, startups, the web, journalism, strategy, and more. Here’s some of what we’ve seen lately.
    January 14, 2019
    “The New York Times produced 13 different augmented reality projects in 2018, ranging from an investigation into a bombing in Syria to a visit to the large hadron collider at CERN; Time Magazine launched its first-ever augmented reality issue of its magazine; The Washington Post, which started producing augmented reality content in 2017, continued producing projects in 2018.”
    Digiday / Max Willens / Jan 14
    “In growing its collection of originals, the company found that podcasters who joined Spotify exclusively were actually able to grow their audience, despite leaving other distribution platforms.”
    TechCrunch / Sarah Perez / Jan 14
    “That little tangerine bubble has become a wistful symbol of defiance against a centralized web increasingly controlled by a handful of corporations, a web that hardly resembles the syndicated web of Werbach’s imagining.” CS
    MotherBoard / Sinclair Target / Jan 14
    Kerry Washington also @’d them: “Dear @CBSNews, I am encouraged by the diversity you DID include. But when it comes time to discuss the inevitable role that race and racism will play in the election, who will you turn to for a perspective with nuanced & personal understanding of the African American experience?”
    Insider / Ellen Cranley / Jan 14
    “‘Sales pitch? Blackmail?’ Mr. King wrote back. ‘Either way, 71 people have subscribed so far. Are there 29 more Twitterheads out there who want to ante up? Just asking.'”
    The New York Times / Sarah Mervosh / Jan 14
    “We’re not this know-it-all, authoritative magazine that we sometimes pretend to be.”
    The Atlantic / Emily Schultheis / Jan 14
    January 11, 2019
    “You have a lot of journalists who aren’t happy about the idea that government would sponsor journalism, so to have big billionaires’ philanthropic organizations fund us isn’t natural.”
    Reynolds Journalism Institute / Hannah Rodriguez / Jan 11
    “This comes after the company agreed to recognize a union of roughly 400 creative professionals employed by the company. It also comes a year after a period of slowing its hiring practices and layoffs.”
    Thinknum / Joshua Fruhlinger / Jan 11
    “This online destination will host high-quality translations of Global Opinion columns, editorials and op-eds that are relevant to the Arabic-speaking audience…’The importance of this has become more evident since the murder of our own colleague Jamal Khashoggi, who saw very clearly the need for a forum such as this.'”
    The Washington Post / Jan 11
    “Cost cutting was the justification but that comes as a surprise given recent hiring and executive spending on business class flights and other travel.”
    Politico / Daniel Lippman / Jan 11


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