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    Apple News Plus is a fine way to read magazines, but a disappointment to anyone wishing for a real boost for the news business
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    We keep an eye out for the most interesting stories about Labby subjects: digital media, startups, the web, journalism, strategy, and more. Here’s some of what we’ve seen lately.
    March 22, 2019
    “Over the last several months, Twitter has begun inserting what it believes to be relevant and popular tweets into the feeds of people who do not subscribe to the accounts that posted them…Some tweets contain extreme political rhetoric and/or advance conspiracy theories…exposing users on the platform to radical content they may otherwise have not encountered.”
    CNN / Oliver Darcy / Mar 22
    “Over the past five months, my online shopping purchases dropped about 43 percent.”
    The New York Times / Brian X. Chen / Mar 22
    “PolitiFact reporters and editors will be made available to Telemundo for on-air interviews, and Noticias Telemundo will be able to send statements for PolitiFact to fact-check for Spanish-language audiences. The two organizations also will collaborate to translate PolitiFact fact-checks into Spanish for use both online and on TV, including Noticias Telemundo and the broader NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises.”
    PolitiFact / Mar 22
    “Vox Media doesn’t currently offer subscriptions to its content, but CEO Jim Bankoff said this month at the South by Southwest conference he would add a subscription model later this year with membership tiers.”
    Bloomberg / Mark Gurman / Mar 22
    “After applying for jobs at places like the local car dealership, Bushman’s father called, telling him about an ad in the Watrous Manitou. They were looking for a reporter. Bushman drove the 106 kilometres to Watrous for an interview. A few weeks later, he was learning how to transform 30-second radio-style stories — ‘a lede, an audio clip, and then you’re out,’ he says — into newspaper-length articles. After five years, owners Robin and Nicole Lay asked if he and his wife Kim wanted to purchase the paper. The Lays wanted to continue the tradition of a ‘family-owned business,’ says Bushman, which began in 1933 with James and Mildred McGowan.”
    J-Source / Angela Long / Mar 22
    “The misinformation ecosystem in Europe has some specificities. For instance, it’s much less money-driven than some of the misinformation you have in North America — simply because, if you’re looking to maximize profit, you’re not going to open a blog of fake stories on Lithuanian or Danish politics. But the fact that the EU has so many languages poses other challenges.”
    American Press Institute / Susan Benkelman and Daniel Funke / Mar 22
    “A monthly digital subscription to the New York Times costs $15, and Thompson said he has no plans to give that up to participate on other platforms such as Apple’s.”
    Reuters / Kenneth Li and Helen Coster / Mar 22
    March 21, 2019
    New editor Dan Peres: “In the later years they probably took things too far. There was a lot of gratuitous meanness and sort of misguided decision-making…There’s an opportunity to draw on the great things that they did and dismiss some of the not-great things that they did.”
    The New York Times / Julia Jacobs / Mar 21
    It works out to about two bucks per email. “Frommer is launching a new publication, The New Consumer — an umbrella term he’s using to describe the changing landscape in e-commerce, online advertising and direct-to-consumer brands. The goal, he said, is to become the first thing that industry executives read in the morning.”
    TechCrunch / Anthony Ha / Mar 21
    “‘It’s difficult for channels like mine to compete with them too, because they can do like two three videos a day, or at least a few a week,’ Mike Moore, who runs Brain Candy TV—an animated learning channel with 186,000 subscribers—told Motherboard in a phone call.’ It takes me a month or two to make a video. You don’t get as much watch time from that.'”
    Motherboard / Caroline Haskins / Mar 21

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