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    Another milestone passed for newspapers: The Boston Globe is the first local newspaper to have more digital subscribers than print
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    May 21, 2019
    “26 countries are represented in the shortlist, with the US and the UK leading the pack. Submissions from Germany, Argentina, Cuba, Russia, and South Africa also made it to the shortlist.”
    Global Editors Network / Data Journalism Awards / May 21
    “At 9:30 each morning, the team chooses two dozen stories to debunk from among hundreds mostly related to the elections, political parties or prominent leaders. Verifications begin with reaching out to the subject or their PR representative. A variety of tools like image recognition and sun-shadow calculators are employed. By the day’s end, about 20 pieces of fake content are debunked in detailed articles on Vishvas’ website. Facebook drastically reduces their distribution and they are fed to its machine-learning algorithms.”
    Bloomberg / Saritha Rai / May 21
    “We focus on the value, not the paywall. I think there’s been the wrong perspective in the business to say that content is not available or locked; this is wrong. We show where we give value, it’s more positive. For us, it’s important to attract with quality of content.” CS
    Digiday / Lucinda Southern / May 21
    Fox is starting its own sports wagering platform, ESPN is developing TV programming for sports bettors, and Sinclair could be next after its acquisition of 20 regional sports networks. CS
    Axios / Sara Fischer / May 21
    “Every sports fan wants to be the smartest person in the room. Sports betting is one of those topics that can be confusing. We want our readers to be able to understand it at the highest level.”
    Columbia Journalism Review / Tony Rehagen / May 21
    “While participation in ASNE’s survey has lagged in recent years, the results showed a positive uptick in the representation of women in American newsrooms.”
    Poynter / Daniel Funke / May 21
    “Much of Mr. Trump’s spending on Facebook advertising in recent weeks has gone toward ads that have been seen by older Americans, particularly women 55 and older, according to an analysis by Bully Pulpit.”
    The New York Times / Thomas Kaplan and Sarah Almukhtar / May 21
    “Now Instagram has quietly overhauled the design of IGTV’s space inside its main app to crib what’s working from its two top competitors”: TikTok and Snapchat.
    TechCrunch / Josh Constine / May 21
    May 20, 2019
    “The publisher of 30 daily newspapers, including The Sacramento Bee, posted a $42 million loss or $5.34 per share – nearly an 8 percent increase from the same period the year before.”
    Sacramento Bee / Michael Finch II / May 20
    “Salon’s had so many lives. It’s beyond nine lives at this point. I think for many people who used to work there, it’s long since died.”
    Digiday / Max Willens / May 20


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