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    We keep an eye out for the most interesting stories about Labby subjects: digital media, startups, the web, journalism, strategy, and more. Here’s some of what we’ve seen lately.
    September 19, 2018
    “Each of these billionaires could afford to buy just about anything at all. Why a magazine and not a sports team, when media is a messier and less certain bet? Perhaps it’s because it offers a heady mix of altruism, power and ego.”
    The New York Times / Kara Swisher / Sep 19
    Passing Verizon’s Oath (AOL/HuffPost/Yahoo/TechCrunch/etc.), meaning Nos. 1 (Google), 2 (Facebook), and 3 (Amazon) will all be technology companies not in the traditional hiring-reporters-to-create-content business.
    The Wall Street Journal / Alexandra Bruell / Sep 19
    “We’ve decided to move to a production model that is more like our TV projects — that is, treating shows as individual projects, with teams brought on as needed,” Shani Hilton, BuzzFeed News’s vice president of news and programming, wrote in a memo to staff.
    Wall Street Journal / Benjamin Mullin / Sep 19
    “He obviously inhabited the world of Washington. He consorted with these people, he talked to them, he was interested in having influence on them. But he was not predictably in one camp or another. And I think that’s why he was so influential and so widely read as a columnist for many years, because he wasn’t knee-jerk, he wasn’t a hack.”
    AndroidForMobile Reports / Michael Petrou / Sep 19
    “Most responsive content is already well proportioned when laid out at 320 CSS pixels, the width of iPhone SE. We ensure that it’s also well-proportioned on Apple Watch by laying out at this width and then computing the initial scale of the page such that the content width fits within the viewport. This means that text and images may appear smaller but the overall layout of the page is preserved.”
    Apple / Wenson Hsieh / Sep 19
    “The new governance model…doesn’t influence AMP’s integration into various Google-owned properties, products like Search and Gmail. And as I’ve written before, those proprietary integrations are the reason AMP provides any value to the companies and publishers that adopt it.”
    Ethan Marcotte / Sep 19
    “Hitting people with a message when they’re likely to be receptive is as old as advertising, but using artificial intelligence to target people based on their mood is another level of manipulation.”
    Digiday / Lucia Moses / Sep 19
    “Each newsroom had to provide a signed affidavit saying we would not use this data for commercial purposes. We will only use this data for news gathering and stories. We’ve all agreed to NOT post the entire data online.” The total cost was $3,600.
    Twitter / Matt Dempsey / Sep 19
    “Huffman and Ohanian met for an early lunch at Super Duper Burgers on San Francisco’s Market Street. It was going to be a hell of a day, so they each inhaled a locally sourced, organic burger. They were to meet Sam Altman, a Reddit board member and the 30-year-old president of Y Combinator, outside the front door of 101 New Montgomery at noon. Altman was to usher Huffman, Reddit’s original creator, up into HQ to meet his new employees. As of this day, he was chief executive of Reddit.”
    Inc / Christine Lagorio Chafkin / Sep 19
    “Q: You’ve said the print magazine will remain the center of Time’s operations — A: Center is probably the wrong word. I see it as the foundation of everything we’re doing.”
    Columbia Journalism Review / Andrew McCormick / Sep 19