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    Can signing a “pro-truth pledge” actually change people’s behavior online?
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    May 18, 2018
    TEGNA-owned station KHOU, for instance, created a display to show what information the station has verified, what the station is still trying to check out and what false information is circulating.
    Poynter / Al Tompkins / May 18
    “NPR puts alerts into two categories: Breaking news that subscribers need to know now and feature alerts, which cover investigative work and original reporting that NPR wants to highlight, as well as live event coverage and new podcasts or programs. (New programming alerts are supposed to be “rare and far between,” per the guidelines.)” SW
    NPR / Elizabeth Jensen / May 18
    “Facebook Stories started testing its first ads in the U.S., Mexico and Brazil. They’re 5- to 15-second video ads users can skip, and while there’s no click-through or call to action now, Facebook plans to add that in the coming months. Advertisers can easily extend their Instagram Stories ads to this new surface, or have Facebook automatically reformat their News Feed ads with color-matched borders and text at the bottom.”
    TechCrunch / Josh Constine / May 18
    The current open rate for the newsletter is 70 percent (CBC wouldn’t share other metrics). While Royal Fascinator will end its run after the Prince Harry-Meghan Markle wedding ends. (But CBC has already launched another limited-run newsletter: The Campaigner, where writer Haydn Watters will look at the Ontario election campaign.)
    J-Source / H.G. Watson / May 18
    “I haven’t directly spoken with him, but I think between me and him, him and the experts, and him with everyone else on the forums, there’s so much love and so much commitment. There are people who post topics about people treating [Vine cofounder] Dom [Hofmann] like a god, and you know everyone’s praying for Dom to release an update. It’s almost like Dom’s a celebrity on the forums and people want to get everything out of him.”
    Polygon / Julia Alexander / May 18
    “Through the open source version of WordPress, sites can use more than 55,000 plug-ins created by other companies and developers to provide features that a site needs, like forms for soliciting people’s contact information. But these plug-ins may compromise a site’s ability to abide by GDPR when the law takes effect on May 25.”
    Digiday / Tim Peterson / May 18
    “Facebook launched Internet.org with the bold arrogance that has defined its approach to many of its partnerships. It blundered blindly into areas where it had no expertise, apologizing after the fact when it made mistakes. That arrogance left it deaf to the feedback of partners, potential users, and people who had spent careers learning the lessons Facebook has had to piece together on its own. I reached out to the six original launch partners. Only one, Opera, said it was still working with the company’s Internet.org initiative.”
    Wired / Jessi Hempel / May 18
    “Selloff activities and employee purges continued at Meredith this week. Sources say Citigroup is lining up management presentations for next week for potential suitors interested in buying Time, Fortune and Money, three of the four titles that are being divested.” SW
    New York Post / Keith J. Kelly / May 18
    May 17, 2018
    “It turned out that older consumers were just as likely to switch to an ad-free paid subscription as they were to leave the Pandora service entirely.”
    Digital Content Next / Rande Price / May 17
    Q: What’s an area of growth for Vox Media? A: Podcasting.
    The Hollywood Reporter / May 17
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