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Editor’s Note: Encyclo has not been regularly updated since August 2014, so information posted here is likely to be out of date and may be no longer accurate. It’s best used as a snapshot of the media landscape at that point in time.

is a content-sharing company meant to perform a role similar to traditional syndication networks.

Publish2’s first iteration was aimed at helping journalists share content online more easily by aggregating links and posts and creating widgets for news websites. It was like Digg and Delicious, though oriented toward journalists. The company was by Robert Young and Scott Karp and from Velocity Interactive Group in 2008.

It in 2009.

Publish2 in 2009 that allow journalists to aggregate real-time social-media updates. It also , a collaborative link journalism initiative. News organizations have used Publish2 to , and to and .

In May 2010, Publish2 shifted its focus toward building a (originally called News Exchange), a . The system is aimed at creating a cheaper, more efficient alternative to the Associated Press’ distribution system.

In May 2011, Karp that Publish2 had built a “new business model” through the network via software-as-a-service. While distributing content through the company’s network is free, news outlets desiring greater automation and direct inputs into their content management systems will be asked to pay a fee to use Publish2’s tools.

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July 8, 2013 / Jan Schaffer
With a coming void in Oregon’s news ecosystem, public broadcasting’s trying to build a new kind of state wire — In March 2013, Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) hired a former Associated Press reporter to undertake an ambitious vision: build a robust statewide news network with OPB as the linchpin. For her first several months, Jul...
March 14, 2012 / Andrew Phelps
NewsCred wants to be the AP newswire for the 21st century — The company is a meta wire service, providing content from hundreds of publishers with a single API....
Dec. 20, 2010 / Scott Karp
Scott Karp: Clay Shirky’s right that syndication’s getting disrupted — but not in the ways he thinks it is — For our year-end series of predictions for 2011, we started out with a piece by Clay Shirky in which he predicted "widespread disruption" for the traditional syndication model in journalism. As Clay put it: "This kind of...
Aug. 3, 2010 / Megan Garber
Demotix to distribute photos via Publish2’s news wire — Summer’s brought a growth spurt for Publish 2‘s News Exchange. Last week, the cooperative distribution platform announced some big-gun content partners: ProPublica, GlobalPost, Texas Tribune, and Texas Watchd...
June 4, 2010 / Mark Coddington
This Week in Review: The FTC’s ideas for news, Apple’s paid-news pitch, and the de-linking debate — [Every Friday, Mark Coddington sums up the week’s top stories about the future of news and the debates that grew up around them. —Josh] The FTC’s ideas for journalism: The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has spen...

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Primary author: Mark Coddington. Main text last updated: May 18, 2011.
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