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    “We stepped in and started doing it”: How one woman built an award-winning news outlet from her dining room table
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    “This is all going on in my apartment. My kids were small and running around, there were always interns here. And then that spring, we were nominated for a really big award.”
    “For us, it’s rare that someone cites the tax deductibility as a reason for giving. People are supporting us because they’re passionate about what we’re doing. People want to be a part of the community thats supporting us.”
    “Conventional fundraising wisdom is that you’ve got a couple of seconds to reach people and get them to do what you want them to do, and here we are writing 2,500-word appeals.”
    From “meltdown” to “roll-up” to (of course) “fake.”
    The Facebook-Google duopoly has become an intractable problem for media companies today. BuzzFeed thinks more diversified revenue streams are a partial solution.
    It’s become unusually ingrained into the local news ecosystem for a statewide nonprofit news outlet. “Every time we get two nickels rubbed together, I hire another reporter.”
    A Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $500,000 before January 8 to try to buy back and relaunch Gawker.com, which will be owned by a newly established nonprofit Gawker Foundation.
    Like fellow Seattle mainstay KEXP, GeekWire has leveraged its local coverage into international relevance — all the while making itself indispensable to its bedrock Seattle readership.
    “It’s called local news for a reason.”

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