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    Can Canada build its own independent podcast industry in the True North strong and free?
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    Stories on Business Models

    “We have to find new and creative ways to not replace a client’s Google and Facebook spend but find our own portion of it.”
    The Canadian news industry “has been in a long, slow, painful decline, and people are ready for solutions and to see something new.”
    The rapid growth of Google and Facebook continues to take its toll on digital media companies.
    The Guardian revamped its ask and its membership offerings — moving from 12,000 members in the beginning of 2016 to 300,000 today.
    Political news reporting doesn’t seem to be holding up well as a business in the city-state. And it’s even harder when you’re seen as “alternative” media.
    First Sinclair and now the Kochs are back. In an age of media free-for-all and massive deregulation, will fact-based journalism become an endangered species?
    The platform focuses on ongoing support rather than one-time projects.
    It’s not simply about preventing sexual harassment; it’s about also acknowledging that this is often a part of a sexist and unequal work environment.
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