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    The podcast has found opportunity with a donors-only Facebook group. Its second-season subject Curtis Flowers is still in prison, on death row — so “giving somebody a mug for donating doesn’t feel right.”
    Not that they can remember the source five minutes later, anyway.
    “It’s like a version of C-SPAN for a younger audience.”
    A day where clicking to refresh is fun, not panic-inducing.
    Plus: WeChat now has 1.04 billion monthly active users, shortform video is booming, and a few other significant numbers out of a recent report on the state of the Chinese internet landscape.
    Plus: (Some) researchers can now get access to (some) Facebook data, WhatsApp is funding misinformation research too, and susceptibility to fake news may have more to do with laziness than partisanship.
    Plus: Facebook fights fake news in Mexico ahead of the election, and a large majority of Republicans believe that social media platforms are censoring some political views.
    It’s like the readers going to a watch party or trivia event, but with less effort — perhaps literally by staying at home.
    Real American numbers!

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