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Editor’s Note: Encyclo has not been regularly updated since August 2014, so information posted here is likely to be out of date and may be no longer accurate. It’s best used as a snapshot of the media landscape at that point in time.

is a British state-sponsored news organization and the .

BBC News is a division of the , or British Broadcasting Corp., the world’s largest media organization and oldest national public broadcaster. The BBC is funded largely by revenue from . The BBC was to be considering scrapping its license system, though it denied the report. Its executives later said it was .

BBC News has one of the most widespread newsgathering operations in the world and has been called , as well. (It is sometimes known by “The Beeb.”) The news division had about , when it announced it would cut about 220 positions. It has developed a reputation particularly for its .

BBC News Online

Traditionally, the BBC has distributed news primarily over radio and television, though its , , is the largest news site in the United Kingdom. The BBC also in 2010. In 2014, it announced , with the savings to be reinvested into its digital operation.

The BBC has been a pioneer among mainstream media outlets in several digital-news concepts, including citizen journalism and user-generated content, , , , and . It has also on Reddit and Instagram and used chat apps to report on news outside of the U.K.

In 2013, the BBC to turn its video-on-demand service, the BBC iPlayer, into essentially a full network of the broadcaster. It in 2014. It also to appear in sponsored Twitter streams.

The BBC launched the Digital Media Initiative in 2008 to develop an in-house desktop-based production tool for video and audio recording and editing. It after spending £98 million on it, calling it a failure.

The BBC has been for being reluctant to link to other sites, but it has since made aggregating and linking a priority. The broadcaster in September 2010, aiming to double its number of outbound links by 2013. The BBC has also been cautious about using social media, though BBC Global News director Peter Horrocks to embrace social media in early 2010. In 2012, it urging its journalists to file breaking news to its internal system at the same time as or before they posted it in Twitter.

The BBC in 2013.

BBC expansion

The BBC is obligated by to broadcast in the public interest, and it has been for expanding too broadly and attempting to compete with Britain’s private news organizations.

The BBC has responded to those concerns by periodically cutting back on its media offerings. In 2004, the BBC some of its Internet operations (a move that was by one of its rivals, The Guardian). In 2008, the BBC to develop a network of local news sites out of concern for private local news organizations.

In 2010, the BBC revealed plans to as part of an upcoming . In January 2011, the BBC as part of that reduction.

The BBC in February 2010 that it would begin developing apps for the iPhone and other mobile devices, though U.K. newspaper publishers that the expansion hindered their ability to compete in mobile markets. The apps were in July 2010. By June 2011, the BBC that 10 million of its apps had been downloaded worldwide.

Sexual abuse scandal

In late 2012, two parallel sexual abuse scandals led to the , George Entwistle, and leaves of absences by its . In the first, an investigation by the BBC News program Newsnight into the BBC’s handling of sexual abuse allegations against former BBC host Jimmy Savile was . In the second, about a month after the Savile scandal erupted, Newsnight of sexual abuse.

The BBC with the politician, and it also in the Savile case. The British communication regulator Ofcom also into Newsnight in the wake of the scandals.

The BBC’s internally commissioned review for its handling of the situation and a move away from the network’s insular culture.

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Primary author: Mark Coddington. Main text last updated: July 17, 2014.
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