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    How can local TV news fix its young person problem? Maybe it needs to look more like Vox
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    May 14, 2018, 9:13 a.m.
    Reporting & Production

    Collaboration and insights: Here’s what you missed at two useful journalism conferences last week

    “Attitudes about newsroom collaboration are improving but it can feel like an uphill push sometimes.”

    Two powerhouse gatherings in the journalism world happened at the end of last week, digging into topics from collaborative journalism to reader revenue.

    The featured keynotes on Vox Media’s editorial voice and blockchain in journalism with dives into newsletters, analytics, growth in international audience, and more. Over in New Jersey, the Center for Cooperative Media’s collaborators met to brainstorm about working together in journalism at the .

    What were the top #learnings from these events? We’ve rounded them up for you here!

    Collaborating in Media 101

    The Solutions Journalism Network’s collaborative playbook launched over the weekend as well, and ‘s collaborative journalism workbook is .

    Insights on #ONAInsights on revenue and engagement

    Thread of helpful questions to consider:

    Image via .

    POSTED     May 14, 2018, 9:13 a.m.
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    How can local TV news fix its young person problem? Maybe it needs to look more like Vox
    “While remixing the stories did not resonate every time, we did see positive results on the group of hard news stories where we altered the storytelling approach.”
    If Facebook wants to stop the spread of anti-vaxxers, it could start by not taking their ad dollars
    “You have nothing to be ashamed of for your parents not vaccinating you. It wasn’t something you researched and decided against, you were just doing the whole ‘being a kid’ thing.”
    Clicks are an “unreliable seismograph” for a news article’s value — here’s new research to back it up
    “People frequently click on stories that are amusing, trivial, or weird, with no obvious civic focus. But they maintain a clear sense of what is trivial and what matters.”
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