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    Archives: March 2013

    The paper is including a print replica with an iPad-optimized layout and moving into Apple’s Newsstand.
    A news ecosystem poised for growth has some fundamental questions to figure out — financial, legal, and journalistic.
    Goodbye The Local East Village — hello Bedford + Bowery.
    Plus: Google Reader and the future of free services, the Washington Post announces a paywall, and the rest of the week’s media and tech news.
    “His early career with his hometown paper reminds us that newspapers were a natural monopoly in most places, and bad ones could flourish as easily as good ones.” Philip Meyer
    Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon are dominating online advertising. How can publishers find profitable niches in their shadows?
    “Design is about people and life. It thrives on change and, as such, it is in continuous mutation.” Paola Antonelli
    “Casino-driven design is all about reducing friction to participation.”

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