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    Newsonomics: The Washington Post’s ambitions for Arc have grown — to a Bezosian scale
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    Archives: September 2012

    We made some tweets for you. AndroidForMobile Lab Staff
    What began as an internal tool to make crime reporting easier has become an open database for reporters across Philadelphia.
    USC’s Hernandez says students should bypass the normal route and “hijack your school’s assets to selfishly improve your skills.” Robert Hernandez
    Pop Up Radio Archive graphic
    The Knight News Challenge winners want to help radio producers archive and organize their raw tape with simple web-based software. Andrew Phelps
    Knight News Challenge funding will help Safecast spearhead data collection in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Detroit.
    Plus: Ideas for innovation in j-schools, Newsweek’s “Muslim Rage” backlash, and the rest of the week’s news in media and tech.
    Spundge logo
    It’s like Evernote for TweetDeck for Google Reader for WordPress. Andrew Phelps
    The new class focuses on a set of tools for journalism and community information. Joshua Benton
    We access news on multiple devices. Shouldn’t those devices be smart enough to connect our actions to their presentation?
    The structure of newsrooms reflects how journalists think about their work. As those conceptions change, it makes sense that the structures would change with them.


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