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    Twitter says it wants to solve the “journalists’ careers end because someone digs up an old tweet” problem
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    Archives: September 2012

    Plus: Praise and scrutiny at Quartz’s launch, a Pew study on the geography of news consumption, and the rest of the week’s media and tech news.
    “Our content is made to share. That I believe is the most effective distribution you have possible,” Delaney says. Justin Ellis
    Engaging more with the rest of the university is one way j-schools can gain relevance.
    Newspapers are starting to figure out what separates the successful paywalls from the also-rans.
    The site wants your help assembling a database of television ad buys in swing states.
    Journalism schools need to take better advantage of the rest of their universities, teaching students to engage with scholarship.
    Fewer than half of those surveyed in any size of community said they rely on a print newspaper.
    Standardized state-by-state elections database gets a Knight News Challenge boost.
    Vox Media used responsive design to unify its more than 300 sports blogs and meet the demands of a growing mobile audience.
    The site, from the folks who bring you The Atlantic, promises an app-like experience. But there’s also risk in breaking two decades of website metaphors.
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