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    Months from launch, The Markup abruptly fired cofounder Julia Angwin, setting off an editorial exodus
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    Archives: January 2012

    Sample Weave visualization
    The software can help journalists create infinitely interactive visualizations.
    Ten producers will pair up with stations to create journalism projects ranging from an “alternate-reality” game to a music festival. Andrew Phelps
    Plus: Postmortem analysis of the SOPA/PIPA fight, more discussion on truth vigilantes and iBooks, and the rest of the week’s big stories in journalism and tech.
    The aggregators of today will be the original reporters of tomorrow — it’s how disruption happens.
    MinnPost revenue sources, 2011
    The nonprofit news site — by now almost an online veteran — is showing it can support itself.
    News businesses aren’t defined by delivery trucks and broadcast signals any more — and the smartest players are reaching out to a global audience sooner rather than later.
    Successful engagement by journalists on the social network looks a lot like successful engagement in the real world. Justin Ellis
    The best way to figure out what information readers need from you when you are covering an emergency is to imagine yourself in their position.
    Public Insight Network sources
    American Public Media’s networked journalism initiative will start producing original stories based on its largely untapped database of citizen sources.
    For a brief shining moment in the early 1990s, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was one of the top innovators in digital news. But it didn’t last long. Alex Remington


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