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    Why covering the environment is one of the most dangerous beats in journalism
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    Archives: November 2011

    Revised rules for the Breaking News category want journalists’ work to emphasize “real-time reporting.” Justin Ellis
    The celebrated documentarian on the value of curiosity and the power of skepticism. Megan Garber
    Through Time Inc. University, the publisher tries to keep employees up-to-date on the latest tools, techniques and transformations in the media business.
    The weekly “newspaper” may be reinventing the brand for the digital age. Megan Garber
    They’re selling lots of them, but still no actual sales numbers from the ebook giant.
    When it comes to aggregation, right and wrong can come down to how it feels.
    It’s not the beginning of a new print partnership agreement for HuffPost, just a gesture of journalistic goodwill.
    It’s great that it’s gotten easier for non-programmers to write code and build things. But that doesn’t mean we should forget the merits of weirder, whimsical, gloriously impractical approaches. Jacob Harris
    When your customers are your advertisers, a hobby can become a business.
    A graduate student at the MIT Media Lab is writing software that can highlight false claims in articles, just like spell check. Andrew Phelps

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