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    After years of testing, The Wall Street Journal has built a paywall that bends to the individual reader
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    April 27, 2011, 6 p.m.

    Links on Twitter: YouTube-ers buy Delicious, the Android store is catching up to Apple’s, AOL is expanding MapQuest

    You don’t have to look like Steve Jobs to compete in a Steve Jobs lookalike contest

    Want to help bring #ONA11 together? Sign up to become a volunteer

    Facebook plans to hold "Hackamonths" for its engineers each month starting this summer

    "We hope this rich data of London…brings you that little bit closer to this historic event."

    Android’s app store will be the same size as Apple’s by this July

    [email protected], using @, compares classified & unclassified versions of Guantánamo ruling

    Via @: "This story has been updated to include salacious details."

    Big news: YouTube’s founders are buying Delicious from Yahoo

    AOL isn’t selling MapQuest, but expanding it—and plans to thread its services across its websites

    The NY Public Library’s awesome "What’s on the Menu?" project has rallied thousands of volunteers

    [email protected]: The 5 W’s (and How) are as important to the business of news as the content

    Fun fact from Malcolm Gladwell’s "What I Read": He loves car mags—Car and Driver, Road & Track, CAR…

    Apple on the iPhone location-tracking hubbub: "Users are confused"

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    After years of testing, The Wall Street Journal has built a paywall that bends to the individual reader
    Non-subscribers visiting WSJ.com now get a score, based on dozens of signals, that indicates how likely they’ll be to subscribe. The paywall tightens or loosens accordingly: “The content you see is the output of the paywall, rather than an input.”
    This TV station took a “marvelous” Facebook fast — and thinks other media companies should too
    “What we took away was that we can easily live without Facebook.”
    Newsonomics: Will Michael Ferro double down on newspapers or go digital?
    Does he really want to take on becoming the great consolidator of the American press, conquering once-mighty Gannett? Or will he exit the field — richer, but his ambitions humbled?

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