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    How to buy into journalism’s blockchain future (in only 44 steps)
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    March 31, 2011, 6 p.m.

    Links on Twitter: Crowdsourced science, 1 million syllabi, #thomyorkeaspaperboy

    5,000 fish! Smithsonian scientists use Facebook to crowdsource their research (via @)

    RT @: RT @ NYTimes employees gathering to welcome home 4 reporters taken hostage in Libya last week.

    Joan Didion + Arianna Huffington = Newspaper Business Model

    [email protected]: "The first thing we have to do is remind ourselves what the core purpose of journalism is"

    So, #? Twitter, citing its desire to keep working on in-app discovery tools, scraps the QuickBar

    The best thing we’ve seen today, summed up in five words: "Thom Yorke as a Paperboy"

    NYT reporter C.J. Chivers is chronicling his reporting from Libya…on his Tumblr (via @)

    A million syllabi culled from the web. Help @ do something awesome: What data should he parse?

    "Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital."

    "Journalism needs more nerds": @‘s @ profile

    The Open Network Foundation wants to let programmers take control of computer networks

    Blogger’s new look wants to "change the typical way people consume content on the web"

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    How to buy into journalism’s blockchain future (in only 44 steps)
    Blockchain-and-journalism startup Civil aims to build a decentralized infrastructure for news, and you can invest in their vision. It just might take you a while.
    How the Broke in Philly collaboration is focusing local media’s attention on poverty and economic mobility
    “As journalists, we’re taught to be competitive and territorial. On the other hand, things are changing dramatically, so don’t assume other people in your local market don’t want to collaborate.”
    How France beat back information manipulation (and how other democracies might do the same)
    “French success resulted from a combination of structural factors, luck, as well as the effective anticipation and reaction of the Macron campaign staff, the government, and civil society, especially the mainstream media.”


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