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    Media change deniers: Why debates around news need a better evidence base — and how we can get one
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    Feb. 25, 2011, 6 p.m.

    Links on Twitter: A Hack Day challenge, echo chambers and democracy, the future of “unmarketing”

    Is this the coolest student journalist resume ever?

    The Peep show returns! (WaPo’s annual Peeps Diorama Contest, that is)

    Boston.com’s Hack Day Challenge takes place this weekend

    So @ did a smart thing: a side-by-side comparison of New Google and Old Google search results

    "Online News: Public Sphere or Echo Chamber?" A @ podcast featuring the Lab’s @

    Zeitgeist-y new job title: "unmarketing manager" (via @)

    "Wrapping the whole world in intelligence": Reed Hundt on the Internet and international law

    Oh, awesome. Dataviz, circa 1900

    Garfield on the Twitter revolution debates: "Social media are not about messaging; they are about relationships"

    Demand Media exec: Despite Google’s updates, "we haven’t seen a material net impact on our Content & Media business"

    Great conversation taking place in the comments on @‘s TBD-reax blog post

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    Media change deniers: Why debates around news need a better evidence base — and how we can get one
    “If we let media change deniers drive the conversation, the result will be dumber journalism, less-informed public debate, and ineffective and counterproductive public policy. Even if what they say sometimes ‘feels right.'”
    Who’s creating the top Facebook videos? “Not people you’ve necessarily heard of”
    Babies and puppies continue to rule the day, and only 2% of the most engaged Facebook videos were posted by traditional publishers.
    Vox’s new Netflix series is really good, but it doesn’t get us any closer to figuring out what news on streaming platforms looks like
    The real revolution in video news will be when someone, someday, figures out a way to make timely, high-quality, democratically useful news work natively on a streaming platform.

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