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    Notifications every 2 minutes: This in-depth look at how people really use WhatsApp shows why fighting fake news there is so hard
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    Nov. 3, 2008, 12:20 p.m.

    TPM and FiveThirtyEight: Huge audience, just a handful of salaries

    Two top sites for political junkies, and , have announced their October stats, and they’re astounding. To put them in context, I’m inserting them into of top newspaper sites’ unique-visitor totals for September. (October numbers for the newspapers won’t be out for a couple weeks.)

    New York Times: 20.07 million unique visitors
    Washington Post: 12.96 million
    USA Today: 11.44 million
    LA Times: 10.02 million
    Wall Street Journal: 9.05 million
    Boston Globe: 8.61 million
    San Francisco Chronicle: 5.13 million
    New York Post: 4.82 million
    Politico: 4.61 million
    Chicago Tribune: 4.56 million
    New York Daily News: 4.44 million
    Dallas Morning News: 3.78 million
    Chicago Sun-Times: 3.68 million
    FiveThirtyEight: 3.63 million
    Houston Chronicle: 3.40 million
    Talking Points Memo: 3.12 million
    Newsday: 3.05 million
    International Herald Tribune: 2.94 million
    Washington Times: 2.41 million
    Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News: 2.33 million
    Seattle Times: 2.26 million

    (You could also throw in Andrew Sullivan, to his blog in October. He doesn’t report unique visitors, which would be the directly comparable number for this list, but those numbers would probably put him a hair behind TPM.)

    Now, these comparisons aren’t entirely fair, for a number of reasons. The newspaper numbers are from September, and I’m sure their October numbers will be up some with the election approaching. Web audience stats are notoriously easy to manipulate. One assumes that politics-themed sites will drop off a bit after November 4.

    But TPM has a dozen employees. FiveThirtyEight is three guys. A baseball-stats nerd, a poker player, and a photographer. And they’re pulling roughly the same number of readers as entire The Houston Chronicle. Andrew Sullivan is one guy with an assistant and some interns, and he’s in the same ballpark as The Seattle Times.

    POSTED     Nov. 3, 2008, 12:20 p.m.
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    Notifications every 2 minutes: This in-depth look at how people really use WhatsApp shows why fighting fake news there is so hard
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