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    Local news fails — in a good way
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    Local news fails — in a good way
    “If local newsrooms are going to achieve digital sustainability, we must try new things. That means getting out of our own way and taking risks, while knowing some attempts will fail.”
    By Kristen Muller
    Selling more stories to Hollywood
    “The bidding wars over story options, typically a nice bonus check of a few hundred dollars, have created six and seven figure deals for writers and podcast producers.”
    By Reyhan Harmanci
    Publishers whose products can stand up to social media giants will win
    “As users look to rebuild their news habits, they’ll be looking for products that seamlessly integrate into their lives.”
    By Zainab Khan
    There is no magic — you’ve got this
    “It was and always will be about serving your readers and now viewers, listeners, users and continuing to do so by adapting journalism fundamentals to ever-evolving contexts and challenges.”
    By Millie Tran
    Say it with me: Racism
    “We are not in the hint business; we are here to report facts, including the difficult facts of racism.”
    By Errin Haines Whack
    Publishers come to terms with being Facebook’s enablers
    “We need to learn from the mistakes *we made* and collectively build better guardrails for the industry, ensuring that we don’t make these mistakes with large platform partners again.”
    By Matt Karolian
    The year of actionable (local) journalism
    “There’s a lot of information out there. So what can the average information consumer do with it all?”
    By Geetika Rudra
    Yes, they signed up — but our job’s not over
    “These are hard-won subscribers. Ensuring that they remain so loyal, so engaged and so connected to the journalism and mission that they stick around can’t be done by sales and marketing alone.”
    By Elisabeth Goodridge
    The end of “loudspeakers for liars”
    “We’ll also see news organizations and social media platforms clarify that deception and disinformation, like fraud, are unethical, and that these things violate their terms of service.”
    By Craig Newmark
    We can acknowledge what we don’t know
    “When it comes to the big questions in local news maybe the safer bet is to admit that no matter how venerable our institutions or talented our people, none of us has the answers”
    By Chase Davis
    Good luck convincing us millennials to pay
    “Yes, yes, yes, journalism is about integrity and spreading information, but it’s also workers creating products, and consumers have been lucky to get this far into the internet age without having to pay much.”
    By Alexandra Svokos
    Content competition from the tech companies
    “Facing the expiration of streaming rights with networks that, too, resented the disruption that the platform created, Netflix did the only thing they could: they doubled down on originals.”
    By Mat Yurow
    The subscription-pocalypse is about to hit
    “You can’t expect people to subscribe to their local paper (which is vital to democracy, we tell them) AND The New York Times and the Washington Post (because Democracy Dies in the Dark) AND…”
    By Brian Moritz
    Mapping the local news ecosystem — with scale but detail
    “In addition to seeing from 30,000 feet, we also need to be able to zoom in and know a journalism landscape as it exists from the vantage of those who live there.”
    By Sarah Stonbely
    Ahead of African elections, unlock partnerships with fact-checkers
    “In Africa, about 13 countries, including Senegal, Botswana, Namibia, Senegal, Nigeria, South Africa and Guinea, will hold general elections at some point in the coming year.”
    By Tshepo Tshabalala
    Newsonomics: McClatchy’s bid has been rejected. So what’s next for Tribune?
    Tribune Publishing wants to sell at a higher price, but it will likely have trouble finding someone willing to pay it.
    By Ken Doctor
    Bubble fears, old-guard acquisitions, and Audible: This was 2018 in podcasts
    Plus: What we’ll cover in 2019, and the most interesting companies to watch.
    What does membership mean for BuzzFeed News — at a company that’s already raised nearly $500 million in venture capital?
    Even the most digital-native publishers cannot resist the siren call of a tote bag. But a membership pitch sounds different coming from a public radio station than from a private company with a billion-dollar valuation.
    What We’re Reading
    Twitter / Joseph Cranney
    “In Delaware, @ChristinaJedra reported at least a half-dozen people accused of nonviolent, minor crimes, including loitering, have been banned from a city as a condition of their release from jail… In Nevada, @AnjeanetteDamon reported people lost their homes and livelihoods because officials ignored warnings and recommendations from state-commissioned studies ahead of a devastating flood that has cost millions in cleanup.”
    Washington Post / Craig Timberg and Tony Romm
    “‘What is clear is that all of the messaging clearly sought to benefit the Republican Party — and specifically Donald Trump,’ the report says. ‘Trump is mentioned most in campaigns targeting conservatives and right-wing voters, where the messaging encouraged these groups to support his campaign. The main groups that could challenge Trump were then provided messaging that sought to confuse, distract and ultimately discourage members from voting.'”
    Columbia Journalism Review / Andrew McCormick
    “At a time when uncertain market forces have driven more and more newsrooms to organize, Jones Day has become notorious for aggressive anti-union tactics that journalists and union leaders say have helped downgrade media union contracts and carve employee benefits to the bone. Jones Day’s portfolio of media outlets includes, among many others, Slate, whose union members voted Tuesday to authorize a strike amid pushback from management on their demands.”
    Committee to Protect Journalists
    “The police raid targeted the Managua office of privately owned Confidencial and its sister television programs, ‘Esta Noche’ and ‘Esta Semana.’ Carlos Fernando Chamorro, one of Nicaragua’s most prominent independent journalists, is the founder and director of all three news outlets.”
    The New York Times / Adam Satariano and Elian Peltier
    “The younger you start, the better.”
    Los Angeles Times / Ryan Faughnder
    “The one-hour show, ‘L.A. Times Today,’ will air Monday through Thursday starting in February and will take an in-depth look at the day’s top stories with the paper’s reporters, columnists and photographers.” It will be on Charter Communications’ recently-launched Spectrum News 1 channel.
    Washington Post / Renae Merle and Thomas Heath
    “As legacy news companies suffered tremors over the past decade, money from venture capitalists poured into upstarts that promised to leverage a keener understanding of online reading habits to create a giant-killing class of new media ventures. Today, the money is starting to dry up.”
    Axios / Sara Fischer
    “Facebook says that the criteria used to determine whether someone is a daily active visitor of its product is by measuring whether a users spends at least one minute on the ‘Watch’ platform per day, but Axios has confirmed that those 60 seconds do not need to be consecutive.”
    Variety / Brian Steinberg
    “Moonves was ousted [from CBS] in September in the wake of multiple allegations from women detailing unwanted sexual advances he made on them. The former CBS chief has denied any non-consensual interactions.”
    CNN Business / Oliver Darcy
    “For months, The Weekly Standard’s leadership had butted heads with MediaDC, and the two parties had previously agreed to allow [editor-in-chief Stephen] Hayes to search for a new owner, people familiar with the matter told CNN earlier this month. Hayes conducted a search, according to those people, but MediaDC recently informed The Weekly Standard that it was no longer interested in selling.”
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